Travis has mastered creating an experience for his fans.
During an interview with GQ, Travis is asked “Where does one go after ‘Astroworld’?”
He replied by saying “You go to utopia. That's where we go,”
The interviewer then asked him “What does utopia look like? Feel like? Sound like?”
he answered his question with a question saying “You ever googled it?”
“I have, but I think we all have our own—“ 
Travis replied saying “So imagine my version,”. The interview claims that he lit a second blunt & started pacing around the room while laying out his idealized future. He said that he saw “a place where we could just all sit across from each other and one side stops looking at the other side and where we all realize we're equal. As just humans.” He ended up going into more details about how his utopia has crazy, futuristic highways and “fire” engineering and design classes. “We got buildings, flying cars,” he continues. “Like everything's just moving. And as people, we don't want nothing from each other but just to see each other happy.”
But then he paused & said “But with that comes dystopia.”
By the time we get this new album, It’ll be over three years since his last full length solo project.
ASTROWORLD was a huge success for Travis. The project debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 with 537,000 album-equivalent units, of which 270,000 were pure sales. It was certified triple platinum by the RIAA & It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards . 
With the initial idea of the album being to revive his childhood amusement park. He was able to pull of one of the most legendary tours ever. The ASTROWORLD Wish You Were Here Tour was a special 1 that was a once in a lifetime opportunity to put it one way. Unless you went to 4 different shows like I did. The tour included a fully functioning Ferris wheel that fans could ride, along with a roller coaster above the stage & crowd where Travis & a few lucky fans would be able to actually ride together Towards the end of the tour, the mayor of Houston surprised the Texas crowd by saying they were bringing a new amusement park back to the city. Travis accomplished what he set out to do.
A year later after ending his tour in 2019, his fans were able to see the behind the scenes of everything. Travis had his very own Netflix documentary directed by Tyler Ross & we got to see pretty much everything you can think of leading up to release of the album, plus the impact after it’s release. 
Fans got to see the disappointment that Travis felt when he didn’t win rap album of the year. (He’s later expressed how much that has motivated him.) They got to see a lot of moments that will forever be special to Travis’ life & career. The making of songs, his arrest in 2017, him with his family, the very moment before he becomes a father, & so much more.
A few months later Travis finally released his long awaited single, “Highest in the Room”. He announced the track's release through social media on September 30, posting three covers for the song as well as a pre-order link and captioning the post "See u on the 4th". The song was previously teased on one of Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics advertisements. It released with a music video and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Travis’ 2nd #1 charted single since SICKO MODE. 
After years of speculation, it was finally confirmed that fans would be receiving a group project from the Cactus Jack label. That project would be known as “JACKBOYS”. On November 29, 2019, they released merchandise on his website, including a digital album preorder for $10.[11] Later on in December, Travis revealed on Twitter that the album would be released within the week.[1 A day before the album was released, the cover art and release date were revealed and the song titles were leaked on Shazam.[13
With the project releasing at the time it did, there never was a tour. Some of the songs are just now being performed together for the first time in 2021. But for now, It was now the year of 2020. A few months after releasing, the pandemic took over.
In the year 2020, with the likes of McDonald’s, Sony, Nike, and Fortnite it was estimated that Travis Scott made $100 million dollars in just brand deals alone. His fans are going to support anything he does and they are willing to buy anything he puts out. 
It’s no secret that Travis loves making money. When the Gucci Mane & Jeezy Verzuz happened, he wasn’t even involved and he still made merchandise making money off it. He really can sell anything. Forbes named him “the brand whisperer”
At the end of April in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic when we really had no idea of the next time we’d be able to see concerts again, Travis teamed up with Fortnite Battle Royale to start a virtual tour through the game. Travis made history drawing in more than 12.3 million people to attend just the first concert in game. The previous high was 10.7 million with Marshmellow’s virtual performance. 
Through this Fortnite Tour we ended up getting “The Scott’s” with Kid Cudi. After the performance, they both went on IG live & previewed another unreleased track that fans never ended up getting to this day.
“The Scott’s” ended up doing well & debuted at number one the Billboard Hot 100 on the week of May 9, 2020. This became Travis’ 3rd number one single and Cudi's first. This track made Travis the sixth artist in history to have multiple songs that debuted at number one following Mariah CareyBritney SpearsJustin BieberDrake and Ariana Grande. 
Now for UTOPIA, The title to the upcoming album was eventually revealed in June 2020 when Travis uploaded an Instagram post with the caption saying “Utopia". He further teased the name in a thank you letter to his fans on the second anniversary of Astroworld. Later that month, a snippet of an untitled song, named "Vision" by fans, debuted on another Kylie Cosmetics advertisement.
In July 2020, Travis previewed a song with Young Thug that they called ”White Tee" on the 10th episode of him & Chase B's radio .WAV Radio.
A month later after not getting the track, “The Plan” released on August 22 as the theme song from the soundtrack to the film Tenet. The film's writer and director Christopher Nolan said Travis’ contribution to the long delayed film was "the final piece of a yearlong puzzle". It was Travis’ first original song written for a film & was produced by Göransson, alongside with Canadian producer WondaGurl. He played the song for a writer before its release & after he heard it he labeled the song a "brain-liquefying trip through time and space”. Travis expressed how bad he wanted to recreate the sound again with Ludwig possibly for his upcoming album.
Later in September came one of Travis’ biggest collaborations ever with McDonald’s. With all that buzz, Travis once again teased “White Tee” & had the instrumental playing in his McDonalds commercial.
He earned another estimated $20 million with the collaboration. They sold the Travis Scott meal (a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, a Sprite, and fries with BBQ sauce)
Travis & McDonald's also launched a line of Cactus Jack–branded merchandise, some of which a had the saying “LIVE FROM UTOPIA”, kind of being the first UTOPIA Merch looking back at/similar to all of the ASTROWORLD merch we saw before the album was out. 
The partnership marked the first celebrity-endorsed McDonald's meal since they collaborated with Michael Jordan to launch the "McJordan" burger in 1992.
For weeks, teenagers and young adults posted clips of themselves going into McDonald’s and telling the clerks, “Cactus Jack sent me.” 
some McDonald's branches ran out of ingredients tied to the promotion, causing a break in the supply chain. 
At the end of the month the song fans were waiting for was finally released as a single titled “Franchise”.  It featured Young Thug, and M.I.A., plus had a music video directed by Travis himself.[8] "Franchise" debuted at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The following month, it was remixed by Future. 
At the start of October Travis previewed 2 unreleased songs on the twelfth episode of WAV Radio. 1 being with 21 Savage that said UNKOWN NAME but fans had titled it "Niagara Falls" & the other being with Bryson Tiller titled "Blunt Talk". 
October was also the month Scott announced he was joining the PlayStation team as a Strategic Creative Partner to promote the PlayStation 5 console.[106] Together, they released special merchandise, which included his Cactus Jack x PlayStation x Nike Dunk Low. They also uploaded a special unboxing video of the PlayStation 5 console to YouTube.[107] The video features footage of Travis playing the console before release alongside fans, a piano performance by James Blake, and a tribute to Pop Smoke.
In a letter thanking DJ’s for radio-play on the new single he closes out by writing “See you guys in 2021 in UTOPIA” giving the fans something to look forward to going into the new year. I don’t think it surprised many people that the album wasn’t releasing yet.
Travis continued to tease the title over time in a series of tweets, utopia suits, utopia chains, interviews, letters to the fans, instagram posts, tweets, magazine covers, & more
The month before ASTROWORLD released it was reported that Scott was completing the album in Hawaii with a variety of recording artists and producers, such as Mike DeanNavFrank DukesSonny DigitalWondaGurlSheck WesGunnaWheezyDon ToliverAllen Ritter. Bringing that up to say at the end of 2020, there were similar reports and posts of Travis in Mexico working on UTOPIA with a lot heavy hitters including Future, Roddy Rich, Don Toliver, Hit-Boy, Wondagurl, Kevin Parker, Wheezy, & even $not had a rumored appearance. 
Around this Time Lil Uzi had gotten his Cacti Case and went on Instagram to show off. Travis had responded with a lil hint saying “TWINNNN. PS ME AND VERT … NVM”
It’s been over half a year since then but we’re in a different time. For months people asked me when UTOPIA is dropping, didn’t respond but always wanted to say “It’s coming when he can perform again”
Towards the end of January 2021, fans got a look at the new UTOPIA MELTED DREAM chains designed by Takashi Murakami. The interesting part about these chains is that soon enough we would start to see different music artists wearing these chains around. 
That sparked up speculation and fans started thinking that if they were wearing the chain then they might be apart of the album. 
We saw Young Thug wearing 1, Roddy Rich wearing 1, Don Toliver wearing 1, Sheck Wes, Luxary Tax & more. We also have seen friends & family wearing the chains like Kylie Jenner so maybe that fan theory isn’t it, but the chains definitely mean something.
A few weeks later, Lil Uzi Vert was telling his fans about how he was locked in the studio with Travis in one of his group chats on Instagram. On February 13th Lil Uzi had tweeted out, “Okay this @trvisXX x @LILUZIVERT WTFFFFFF!!!!!!!”. 
Less than a week later a video had surfaced online of Uzi playing a track with Travis off of his phone for a fan playing not even two seconds of the beat before he ran away. "That's all I'm playing for you," said Uzi. 
Not only that. Before the new year, Lil Uzi had gotten his Cacti Case and went on Instagram to show off. Travis had responded to his story with his own saying “TWINNNN. PS ME AND VERT … NVM”. 
Do you guys expect a Uzi feature on UTOPIA or do you think that Uzi is saving that for his next album “Forever Young”? They have done past collaborations like “Watch” with Kanye West, Go Off from the Fast 7 soundtrack, & RaRa from the Birds era but they have never been apart of each other’s albums before.
Sony financial report from Feb 3rd 2021 states that future and travis scott are dropping within the next 6 months. It doesn’t confirm anything, but it’s an official document from Sony which confirmed the release of Igor by Tyler The Creator back in 2019
In late February we had gotten the i-D Magazine interview and that was huge mostly because we had gotten another update on the album and what he’s going through. 
I’ve been making beats again, rapping on my own beats, just putting everything together and trying to grow it really. That’s been one of the most fun things about working on this album. I’m evolving, collaborating with new people, delivering a whole new sound, a whole new range.” Travis explained how quarantine enabled him to be “way more productive” without concerts & travel on the agenda. “I got the studio at home and I have the peace to record all day, you know?
In March Roddy Rich posted on IG saying “@travisscott about to fuck the game up” with some music in the background sounds like Mike Dean
When asked if he felt pressure about delivering a new project in the wake of Astroworld, Travis said the only pressure he feels centers on providing for his fans. 
he said “There’s so much more ground I can cover, and I want to cover it, and I love the challenge of it,” “I want to make a fucking new sound. I might spend days banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out, but once I do it, it’s like ultimate ecstasy.”
When asked about who he’s collaborating with for UTOPIA, he replied saying;
“Ahh man, you know, it’s so crazy. I never tell people this, and I’m probably going to keep it a secret still, but I’m working with some new people and I’m just trying to expand the sound.“
Seems like 1 of the questions always is “how will he follow up an album like ASTROWORLD?” but that doesn’t matter to Travis
He said “It’s never about repeating myself, I’m just trying to make the next saga… each album is like a saga.”
When talking about his daughter he ended up saying, “Fatherhood influences my job. It has a huge impact. It’s a major inspiration, you know what I’m saying? Especially Storm, she’s just acting like a kid. She’s always interested, she catches on and learns things and adapts to things so fast. It’s so crazy, Stormi’s generation is way different from mine, and she’s way different from my younger brother and sister. Kids show you a different outlook on life, how they view things, the type of pressures they have and what makes them happy, what makes them move. Like, when she watches certain movies or listen to certain songs. Or she watches my concerts on YouTube and she realizes she’s there, she’s ready to see now. I realized my job is way more important than what I thought because of her. More responsibility, you know? You’ve got to use that properly.” 
With that being said. Shortly after the Magazine released, Travis had tweeted out saying “Locking myself in to become a better person for others next to me” “Super pops, super lover, super rager” ( February 23rd)
5 years ago I never had pictured Travis with a child. It’s actually been really cool to see him become such a good dad. You can really tell how much Stormi adores him. Travis recently talked about how fatherhood has changed his approach to music, his lifestyle, & more. 
I think it will be really interesting to see what Travis’ solo music has evolved into after experiencing more time as a father, & going through all this time locked down inside.
A few weeks later he tweeted out “UTOPIA UTOPIA UTOPIA UTOPIA” (March 14th, 2021) 
NOVEMBER COME WONT YOU HOP OUT AT THE FEST… On Travis’ birthday this year he announced the return of his ASTROWORLD Festival & expanded it to a multi day format. With last year being cancelled due to the pandemic, he can finally make up for what they missed. 100,000 tickets tickets sold out within 1 hour. 
May 3rd, 2021:
During an interview with Our Generation Music, frequent collaborator Mike Dean mentions how Travis is "getting back to that sound" during a discussion about the Owl Pharaoh. . . Suggesting that Utopia may feature more self-production from Travis.
May 22nd, 2021:
Travis tweets out "this s*** gon move mountains" referring to Utopia.
We are in the waiting period where we are starting to get some new snippets that actually could be for the album. The point where we start getting fake leaked track lists made by fans. The period where every little thing is starting to have a meaning and people are starting to look like feens.
With most fans expecting the album to release sometime this year, 2021 has not seen as many Travis features & music releases compared to years before. Plus the pandemic has taken away a years worth of concerts & performances. Franchise released over 8 months ago, which is kind of hard to believe. Besides that song, This album hasn’t really had many snippets or previews & I would say most fans really have should have no expectations for what it might sound like.
Now these are just pictures so they really mean nothing keep that in mind but we have recently got photos of Travis with Kanye West & Future, Lil Baby, Westside Gun, Kid Cudi, & more. There’s also been talks of some new tracks that he has done with Lil Uzi Vert. Uzi let a fan hear a snippet a few months ago in New York.
About a week ago Travis uploaded some Instagram stories showing himself at some sort of set whether it be for a music video, trailer, movie or what. He followed up the 1st picture with another 1 saying “And we back”. Its clear we don’t know what he’s working on there but at least we see him doing some stuff.
A few days later travis uploaded a picture of him in the studio with the Locked in emoji. We’re definitely in that Utopia Era now.
Multiple fake track lists have surfaced and fan pages have spread them. Worth mentioning because I feel like every big album has those eras before they release where there’s at least 1 fake track list.
We’re in music festival season. It was just announced that Travis will be headlining Day N Vegas later this year in November but Rolling Loud Miami is coming up next mont & Travis will be heading the festival on Saturday night. It’s been SO LONG since the last real performance like this so there’s really endless possibilities. He could reveal a new stage setup, or play the fans a new snippet. So many new songs have released throughout the pandemic, plus we got JACKBOYS. It will be interesting to see how the set list changes.  
And as for when fans can expect to be able to pay a visit of sorts to Utopia, Scott said the project is indeed “coming soon. You can bet that.”